I have a friend who always seems to fail at every business opportunity he lays his hands. Do you know why? He thinks BIG! I mean really BIG!

He never looks at any opportunity unless he can make huge sums of cash. What always ends up happening is that he never has the cash flow to manage the opportunity that he wants so much to come true.

My main concern is that there are too many books in the market place that seduce people with large business ideas and impossible goals. Often it is better to think small and with incremental baby steps reach higher then was thought possible.

When people start thinking BIG, then even a positive outcome in business might not meet their initial goal leading to possible despair.

When you have small plans and perform better than expected this gives a boost to mind and body. If you have high goals and fail to reach them – even though you are successful in other people’s eyes – in your own mind you have failed.

Many of the business books out there tell you that you MUST think BIG. I disagree strongly. I like the philosophy of “think small and make it BIG”.

I believe in Baby Steps. It is amazing what you can achieve in 5 years if you take small baby steps at regular intervals. No matter what stage you are in your business, focus on the next small baby step. Step by step, you will get closer to your goal.

If you must then BIG, then start by thinking small and make gradual incremental steps towards your goals.

Now women excel at thinking small and planning small carefully calculated steps. This is probably why we are seeing more and more successful business women. They never seem to lose sight of their eventual business goal and also don’t get upset easily when the road throws up more challenges.

Even with product developments, small incremental improvements often work better then developing a brand new product. It is usually far cheaper to improve an existing product then to axe it and replace with something that hasn’t been tried and tested.

You can apply the same ideas when dealing with business clients. Remember that with customers it is often the small things that count like: how long did it take before someone answered the phone, how quick was the response to their query. The small etiquettes of business service also help you to attract the BIG clients.

Work hard, pay the price, and enjoy your work. The short term realities of business might be tough but the long term opportunities can be high. Stop thinking BIG and take small steps towards your goals and you might possibly achieve Greatness!